What is Playtrickster?
Playtrickster is an MMORPG based on the story of a group of adventurers from around the world vying to become the greatest adventurer of all time. They are called Tricksters.
  • Cute and fun characters based on buffalo, bunny, dragon, sheep, lion, fox, raccoon and cat.
  • A wide variety of jobs and skills, which can be changed for the ultimate fun.
  • Plenty of quests and stories for hours of gameplay.
  • Don’t wanna fight? Not a problem. With the exclusive Drilling System, you can find hidden items with the drill of your choice.
  • Forget the old, boring battle system; our gripping card-based battle system is here! Create a cyberhome inside the game, MyCamp! Show your personality by decorating your MyCamp and show it off to all your friends.
Is Playtrickster free to play? Will it stay free to play?
Yes, Playtrickster is free to play.
Do I have to pay to register for a Playtrickster Account?
No, account registration is completely free of charge.
Why if my country were blocked from Playtrickster?
There may be other language versions of Playtrickster. English Playtrickster service is still accessible by those whose countries have their own language version.
How may I know if someone is a real GM?
GMs will appear in their Eagle Character Form. Eagle Character is a special character that can only be used by GMs. GMs will never ask for your properties such as ID, Password, Items or Money.
How do I report someone in Playtrickster?
You may report someone who has broken the rules of the game. You may post your report, along with evidence, to Playtrickster’s official facebook.
Can GMs join my party? Help me level up?
GMs do not join any party nor help anyone level up. Also, GMs do not take any friend request. GMs neither drop nor trade any item or money.
What are drills?
Drilling is one of the most unique systems available in Playtrickster. You can use your drill to find valuable items. Most of the maps in Playtrickster can be drilled to find items buried under ground. In order to use drill, first equip your drill by placing it on your drill slot. Then Press 'D' button to start drilling. If your ‘D’ button glitched and doesn’t work, move to another map, and then move back again.
If the game/services are free, why do you have a ‘Donate’ feature?
You do not have to donate to the game; however, if you donated, the game will give you token of appreciation in the forum of Myshop points. Myshop points can be used to improve and customize your gaming experience with cool in-game items.
Is there any charge to play the game, or any limit to the "Free to Play" areas and content?
Not at all; our game is free to play all the time, with no limit to the areas, content or amount of time you can play.