Why is my country blocked from Trickster Online?
There are several language versions of Trickster Online. English Trickster Online service is not accessible in those countries with their own language version of Trickster Online.
The patch is not working. What should I do?
In most cases, user needs to download a new client. However, you can also try to download the manual patch file from the download section and overwrite these files on to your Trickster Online directory.
Do I need a 3D graphic card to play Trickster Online?
Yes, your computer system must be equipped with any type of 3D graphic card to run Trickster Online. Specifications on system requirement for Trickster Online can be found on this page.
Why am I lagging?
There are three main reasons for lag. If your computer does not meet Trickster Online's minimum system requirements, you would experience lag. This is a lag resulted from your computer's hardware and best solution to cure this issue would be upgrading your computer's hardware. Since there is a lot of data being transferred from your computers to our servers, broadband connection would be an optimum solution to cure the lag. Because our servers are in a fixed location and Trickster Online is a global game, lag will probably increase depending on how far you are located from our servers.
I forgot my name and birthday.
You are required to enter correct personal information. Any accounts with incorrect information will be deleted without notice. We do not give out any personal information such as names or birthday to anyone even if it is your own account.
How do I get my Trickster Online account?
Trickster Online account can be obtained by completing forms from the registration page. Signing up for Trickster Online is quick, easy, and free. Please visit our registration page in order to create your Trickster Online account.
I get an error after my patching progress is finished. What should I do?
One of the reason why patching was not done properly is because the file transferring process was interrupted due to unstable internet connection on your home network environment. In other words, your internet connection might not be stable and is probably losing some file data while patches are being transferred to your computer. You can start Trickster Online again to receive patches from where you left off.