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  Patch Note 2019-11-08 8th November, 2019
  November Maintenance Announcement 2019 6th November, 2019
  20% Halloween Recharge Discount 25th October, 2019
  Please relog to fix your invisible reward list & missing LK issue 12th October, 2019
  Patch Note 2019-10-11 11th October, 2019
  October Maintenance Announcement 2019 8th October, 2019
  Patch Note 2019-09-06 6th September, 2019
  September, 2019 Maintenance Announcement 3rd September, 2019
  Patch Note 2019-08-09 9th August, 2019
  August, 2019 Maintenance Announcement 8th August, 2019
  July 2019 Maintenance Announcement 4th July, 2019
  2019 PlayTrickster Events Winner Announcement 23rd June, 2019
  June Maintenance Delay 6th June, 2019
  June maintenance announcement 28th May, 2019
  May 2019 Maintenance Announcement 1st May, 2019
  April 2019 Maintenance Announcement 2nd April, 2019
  PlayTrickster 2019 Events: Writing 15th March, 2019
  PlayTrickster 2019 Events: Traditional Art 15th March, 2019
  PlayTrickster 2019 Events: Digital Art 15th March, 2019
  List of known bugs in-game 14th March, 2019
  March 2019 Maintenance Announcement 9th March, 2019
  February 2019 Maintenance Announcement 7th February, 2019
  Announcement: Absolute Unique Items will be wiped out in next maintenance 15th January, 2019
  Warning: Offensive Igns are Bannable. 12th January, 2019
  January 2019 Maintenance Announcement 10th January, 2019
  Welcome to 2019 Tricksters! 31st December, 2018
  Trickster End of Year EXP Event! 28th December, 2018
  Trickster Holiday EXP Event! 20th December, 2018
  December 2018 Maintenance Announcement 9th December, 2018
  November Maintenance Announcement 9th November, 2018
  October Maintenance Announcement 9th October, 2018
  September Maintenance Announcement 5th September, 2018
  EXP Boost Event to replace O/X Event in August 15th August, 2018
  Exchange statless Azhi The Redeemed 15th August, 2018
  August Maintenance Announcement 6th August, 2018
  Attn: Important July Announcement 2nd July, 2018
  Announcement: 20% MS bonus for June 14 @ 6:00 a.m. - June 17th @ 6:00 a.m. 14th June, 2018
  Announcement: Bunny Ribbon (Gacha issue) 7th June, 2018
  Announcement: Pet issues 7th June, 2018
  Announcement: Maintenance for June 2018 4th June, 2018
  ATTN: Selling Myshop points for real world currency is a bannable offense. 14th May, 2018
  May 2018 Maintenance Announcement 3rd May, 2018
  April Maintenance Announcement 5th April, 2018
  Announcement: Winners of Poppuri Event 2018 17th March, 2018
  Reminder: Please open your Poppuri boxes 15th March, 2018
  To get Poppuri stage rewards after the maintenance today 9th March, 2018
  March Maintenance Announcement 8th March, 2018
  Poppuri Box Drill & Hunting Event: Amended Number of Boxes per level 17th February, 2018
  February Maintenance is on Friday, Feb 9 @ 6:00 a.m. website time 8th February, 2018